In applications which require lots of movement and turning around a vertical axis, movement is no longer inhibited.

Fully mobile VR Solution

The XMG WALKER is not just a laptop in a backpack, it‘s a fully mobile performance VR solution.

What can i do with this?

In these environments, the XMG Walker shows its strengths:

When tracking over large areas ( > 5 x 5 m ) with systems such as OptiTrack, PhaseSpace or Perception Neuron

In applications which require lots of movement and rotations around the vertical axis

For professional use in demonstrations

Virtual communication and collaborative sharing of work in industry and media production

Inside, outside and safety sensitive training simulations

Multiplayer VR games

VR Now Awards 2016

Nominee in the categories “VR Tech” und “VR Business”.

Happy customers

The XMG WALKERs we deployed at the Detroit Motor Show worked seamlessly for hours each day.
Brett HeilManaging Director, The Pulse (Hong Kong)
The Backpack PC enables the user to move free and untethered in the room while being easy to use for young and old due to its light weight.
Ronny ToblerCEO, KENZAN Studios (Switzerland)


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