“To create the revolutionary INFINITI IQ experience, The Pulse needed a robust, zero-latency, untethered VR solution. The logical choice for our premium experience was XMG’s Walker.”

– Brett Heil (Managing Director) – THE PULSE
Hong Kong / Australia

VR Entertainment & Promotion by KENZAN STUDIOS

“For our promotion and entertainment products we rely on the XMG WALKER. The Backpack PC enables the user to move freely and untethered in the room while being easy to use for young and old due to its light weight.”

– Ronny Tobler (CEO) – KENZAN STUDIOS


“The XMG WALKER allows us to create VR experiences that are truly mobile and large environments where people can walk around without the worry of cables.”

– Ben Hermer (CTO) – Reality in Virtual Reality (RiVR)
United Kingdom

Immersive Holodeck – ILLUSION WALK

Illusion Walk is a young start-up developing a walkable Virtual Reality Platform called Immersive Deck. We combine the latest hardware with our prototypes software to create the ultimate immersive experience for our users which is walking in large-scale virtual spaces.
Besides creating game and business relevant content we are constantly testing and improving our multiplayer prototype in our Berlin’ office.

Sara Lisa Vogl – VR Expert

In which fields does your company operate?
“VR Base is a European VR- and AR-Startup-HUB and Incubator generating Coworking Spaces in Amsterdam and soon in Berlin, Paris and Barcelona. We use our energy to create an even closer knit in the existing network that helps pushing and connecting the VR / AR Developers scene.”

Why have you decided for the XMG WALKER?
“Virtual Reality is all about experiencing space, moving through virtual surroundings and being real present in the virtual world. Tripping over cables or yanking out cables from the powering PC due to a fast movement is obviously the Immersion Killer #1. The XMG WALKER opens up a complete new freedom for VR.”

For what use-cases will the XMG WALKER be used?
“Demoing, Arcade / Multiplayer Games and just for fun.”

– Sara Lisa Vogl (Chief Dreamer) – VR Base

C’t Magazin

“Used in practice, the XMG WALKER is a lot of fun, […] the difference between VR-Experiences with and without the cable is much more significant than expected and the wearing comfort is great.”

“Basically, the WALKER is a well-equipped gaming PC with padding and backpack buckles. Equipped with the latest GTX 1070 and a i7-6700HQ, the XMG WALKER brings up more than enough power for steady framerates for Virtual Reality content.”


“So far the XMG WALKER is superior to all other solution – we can say that without being offered a bribe. Schenker Technologies equipped the Backpack-PC with a i7-6700HQ Desktop CPU and a GTX 1070. Modular retrofittable are two DDR4-DIMMs as well as two .m2 SSD-Slots Raid 0/1. The WALKER provides all ports to use it not only as a backpack, but also as a stationary Desktop-PC.”


“XMG is the first VR backpack PC you can actually buy, and it’s already looking to be better than all the rest.”